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Get to know us

Our Values

We are a married couple and have been together since the age of 16 – we met in High School. We have not always worked together. We work very closely together and enjoy our work, take our lunch breaks together and when we are not at work, we don’t talk about it too much but sometimes our conversations end up about work anyway!

We work in a very relaxed atmosphere, have one grown up son and live in the Uxbridge area. If you are ever unsure about what you want or need to do with your Mortgage, Protection, General Insurance, Pensions or Investments everyone is always welcome to pop in and have a chat and a cup of coffee at any time.

David Bourne

Mortgage and Protection Adviser
I have been doing mortgages now for over 20 years, and when I first started working in the mortgage industry, they all sounded very complicated. Therefore, from the very first day I wanted to make sure I could simplify the process, speak in plain language, and ensure any client feels good about their situation.

I also want to make sure clients have the right protection set up for their mortgages. Even if they don’t have a property, that they have protection discussed and in place.

I was born and raised in Wembley and have several hobbies, which include being a real movie buff and training at the gym. Additionally, I have a collection of Lego sets that you will have the opportunity to see when you visit our office in Stockley Park.

Donna Bourne

Pension and Investment Adviser
I was born and raised in Yorkshire until my family moved to London, where I met David and have been here ever since.

While I haven’t worked in Financial Services for as long as David, I have always supported him by assisting with paperwork and administrative tasks whenever possible. I am meticulous when it comes to details and thoroughly enjoy engaging in conversations about people’s finances, often over a cup of coffee and a slice of cake!

As someone who is passionate about fitness (2 hours a day) I often get calls from clients whilst I am in the gym. I am always willing to answer any questions they may have, as no query is too challenging for me. With my friendly and approachable demeanour, I strive to ensure that my clients have a clear and precise understanding of their pensions and overall needs.


We both prioritize working in a straightforward manner and strongly advocate for maintaining a manageable client load. We are committed to ensuring that we are familiar with each client’s identity and individual circumstances. It is our belief that every client deserves personalised attention, as we understand that your financial situation is distinct and important. Thus, we strive to make everyone feel like our sole client.

Our philosophy is coffee, cake and a good chat. If you are unsure about your situation, pop down and we will sit on a sofa in Stockley Park or have a walk around the green. We love to talk! Please don’t feel intimidated, unsure or unclear. We are always happy to assist.

We endeavour to message or call you back within 24hrs

Please note: Donna Bourne is our Pension and Investment adviser